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10 January 2019 @ 03:54 pm

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18 January 2013 @ 03:06 pm

I feel like I'm about to drown in misery. It's growing inside me, this sort of leaden dread that's such a burden to be carrying. This is a kind of pain that can't be gotten rid of; it's the dull burn of foreboding loneliness that only weighs heavier with each passing second.

I'm not sure why it's so hard to tear myself away again from the comfort and joy of being home, with family. Maybe it's because uni is just worlds away, so dark and distant and different. Maybe it's because now I'm finally beginning to realise that leaving family and home means breaking away from my greatest happiness.

They say the darkest hour is before the dawn but the real trial is seeing the warm glow of the setting sun disappear into blackest night.

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So Bubbly and I decided to go along and absolutely wreck the flat

Also got into a bit of a tiff with TAO
It's 2am and we're probably going to seriously regret this tomorrow, but for now we're just gonna laugh the night away.

Are we the worst flatmates ever or what. Actually, we really aren't. I think that award has to go to TAO.

For those of you who aren't in uni yet, it is the absolute bomb. I promise.

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ETA: In other news, I almost got mauled by a seagull today. It had been eyeing my food for literally 10 minutes and then I got up and walked away and soon after, it came swooping down STRAIGHT AT ME and I had to do this awesome matrixy move to save my panini. Or my panino, if we're going to get technical with grammar. And I'm always technical with grammar. If you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge

I don't know what I mean it's 2am okay I'm not meant to be making any sense okay bye
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13 October 2012 @ 09:35 pm
There are people that exist in the world that you just realise you love. People that make you think, "how could I ever have survived without them in my life?" People that you miss two seconds after they leave. People that you just know you're so incredibly comfortable with. People that you are certain can never be replaced in your life. 

My best friend took the trouble to come down from London to visit me here in Brighton on Thursday, even through a massive accident at a really huge station on the Southern Rail. It was amazing. Had a good talk with the other girls in my flat about ~scandalous~ events and ended up just winding down with Liss in my room until crazy o'clock. 

Friday, after my lectures, we went down to Brighton, had dinner at this pretty damn good Italian place we stumbled upon and then headed to the waterfront to play at the Pier. Unfortunately, all the rides were shut but we had ridiculous fun on this 'simulation' ride in the arcade (it was nothing on the proper simulations but it was really good fun and we laughed so hard). We then braved the cold and wind with our tasty-as-sugary-heaven Pier doughnuts and headed down to the beach. We ended up talking and chucking rocks down the beach like losers while pretty much everyone else on the beach was getting totally wasted or high off weed. We were chucking rocks. Living the hardcore life or what. God, I love us.

We kind of walked aaalllll the way back to Churchill Square to take the bus back to campus lol. And then back to Northfield it was!

She's the kind of person you can just sit on your bed with, chill with your own laptops and do your own thing in silence and it'll be okay. We know we don't need to talk to each other to hang out together; we can just lounge around, show each other funny things occasionally, talk whenever and sit however we want. It feels so comfortable even though it's nothing different from what we'd normally do in our own bedrooms in our respective cities. Just being in the same vicinity feels so natural. 

Saturday (today) rolled around, we actually got up at like 1:30 and then headed to Churchill Square for lunch and shopping. Unfortunately, we took one of the 25s that actually stops at Old Steine so we had to get out and walk to the nearest 25 station (North Street) - in the rain. And hail. Seriously today was actually my first time seeing/feeling hail and it was so weird! Definitely an interesting experience - as interesting as being rained upon by small rock-like objects can be. 

And then I spent way too much at Primark. Again. This is not even funny anymore.

Speaking of not even funny, as I was typing this out, the fire alarm went off. Again. For the third time. In three days. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.


Apparently the dude who came to turn it off says we (or another flat, I think?) are going to be fined for setting it off 8 times this week. I haven't heard it 8 times? But 3 times in 3 days is ridiculous, considering it involves us having to leave the flat and stand outside in the cold for 15+ minutes. 

Dropped Liss off at Falmer station just in time for the train. I MISS HER RIDICULOUSLY MUCH ALREADY. I don't know how I got accustomed to just kind of expecting to see her sitting on my bed and hanging out at night in TWO DAYS. It feels strange being alone here again. 
10 October 2012 @ 09:54 pm

This is me should I ever attempt to cross Lewes Court carpark in heels because that place is a death trap