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the world is spinning upside down and we're laughing our troubles away

So Bubbly and I decided to go along and absolutely wreck the flat

Also got into a bit of a tiff with TAO
It's 2am and we're probably going to seriously regret this tomorrow, but for now we're just gonna laugh the night away.

Are we the worst flatmates ever or what. Actually, we really aren't. I think that award has to go to TAO.

For those of you who aren't in uni yet, it is the absolute bomb. I promise.

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ETA: In other news, I almost got mauled by a seagull today. It had been eyeing my food for literally 10 minutes and then I got up and walked away and soon after, it came swooping down STRAIGHT AT ME and I had to do this awesome matrixy move to save my panini. Or my panino, if we're going to get technical with grammar. And I'm always technical with grammar. If you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge

I don't know what I mean it's 2am okay I'm not meant to be making any sense okay bye
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